Flatpack Film Festival |20-30 March 2014 |Birmingham, UK

Already Flatpack no.8 is receding into memory, as we start to plot the next one (19-29 March 2015 – save the date!).

If you missed the whole thing, it was a feast of filmic pleasures in venues all over Birmingham. The programme can be browsed here, and various photographic evidence has been gathered at our flickr page. You can also relive the whole thing in 2 minutes thanks to the handy video below.

Happily, you don’t need to wait a whole year for Flatpack thrills; keep an eye on the What’s On section for year-round events and projects. See you soon…

Flatpack 2014 in 2 minutes from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.


This Ain’t California

Victorian Magic Lantern Show

Patema Inverted

Downtown NYC: Henry Hills Talk

UK Film Hubs

Adventure Time

Flatpack 2014 Brochure

FP 14 coverClick the image above to view this year’s brochure.