11:30 — 12:45 Sun 31st March 2013

Before Shipwrecked and Popworld, way back before Football Italia, Channel 4’s Sunday morning ...

Making Music with Objects

12:00 — 12:45 Sun 31st March 2013

Videomusician Gabriel Shalom discusses his approach to audiovisual composition and his theory of hypercubism.

Out of the Inkwell

12:30 — 17:00 Sun 31st March 2013

Hailed as the master of Chinese animation, Te Wei (1915–2010) was a pioneering animator and cartoonist. ...

Natural Habitats (Repeat)

13:00 — 14:20 Sun 31st March 2013

Another chance to catch our second animation programme.

Ernest and Celestine

14:00 — 15:30 Sun 31st March 2013

Charming, funny animated tale about a forbidden friendship between a bear and a mouse, by the duo behind ...

Bring Out Your Dead Easter Special

14:00 — 17:30 Sun 31st March 2013

A subsidiary of independent Birmingham label First Fold, Bring Out Your Dead (BOYD) is an AV collective ...

Tilted Axis (Repeat)

16:00 — 17:30 Sun 31st March 2013

Exploring their subjects with somewhat of a shifted perspective, things aren’t always as they seem in ...


18:00 — 19:45 Sun 31st March 2013

Wadjda arrives weighed down not just with festival plaudits but plenty of history too, as the first film ...

The Echo of Astroboy’s Footsteps

18:00 — 19:30 Sun 31st March 2013

An affectionate documentary looking at the career of sound designer Matsuo Ohno in the 1960s.

Eyes on the Prize

19:00 — 23:00 Sun 31st March 2013

As Flatpack 7 slips through our fingers, we gather in the Palais once more to bid farewell to the whole ...

WR – Mysteries of the Organism

20:00 — 21:30 Sun 31st March 2013

If you were looking to mainline the spirit of the late 60s counter-culture you could do a lot worse than ...

A Hijacking

20:30 — 22:20 Sun 31st March 2013

A high quality Scandinavian drama with a woolly jumper nowhere to be seen? Surely not!

Eastern Lo-Fi (Repeat)

22:00 — 23:30 Sun 31st March 2013

There are some trailers which make viewing the complete film a new life-priority.